About Infinity Independent Living Services

Established in September 2001 with a clear goal to make a difference, we assist individuals with disabilities live up to their highest potential and their want to live independently in the community or semi independently with family.  To lead in our commitment, our experienced team is competent, compassionate, and caring in providing services to improve the life of each of our clients. 

We work with various county case representatives and each client’s family in tailoring the appropriate program to satisfy each individual’s needs as well as other providers (physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists and dietitians…) in maintaining their health.


  • Develop a long-term working relationship with each client, family and other involved providers
  • Assess goals and create a plan to address vulnerabilities
  • Develop and set program goals to measure progress and achievement 
  • Personalize life skills to build confidence, self esteem for personal growth
  • Create a supportive environment to boost progression and achievement
  • Encourage participation, contribution in planning activities and attendance to other community engagements
  • Provide emotional support, health and overall care monitoring through medical appointments, nutrition counseling…
  • Assist with grocery shopping, healthy food choice, recreation, community living and mobility 
  • Monitor finances and teach money management skills 
  • Assist in locating community resources
  • Assist with important paperwork to receive or maintain services 
  • Advocate for our clients and encourage them to advocate for themselves. 

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